New warbands are they legal?

When we originally planned Clash in the north, we were “kinda” expecting that the season 2 of underworlds would come around Christmas. – but Christmas came early this year.

Now with nightvault , a new card expansion & 2 new warband releases, we think it’s good to draw a line in the sand, so everybody knows what we’re playing with at Clash in the North.

Weapon of choice

Everything thats released before orktober 15 2018.

that gives you 2 weeks to learn the cards and warbands.

Legal releases

  • Shadespire box
  • All warbands from the shadespire release circle
  • Leader card expansion
  • The Lethal hex board release
  • Nightvault box
  • new warband: eyes of the nine
  • new warband zarbags gitz
  • new card expansion “echos of glory”


Latest ruleset from nightvault

Latest Faq (1.0 nightvault)

the beta rule (relics cost 2 glory)

If you have any questions to the rules please comment below, then we don’t end up with broken hearts and misunderstandings.

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  1. When is a move a Move action, and when is a push a move? Chainrasps have some new mechanics with moving through blocked hexes, lethal terrain and fighters. How is it ruled?

    Determined Defender and Immovable Object: How far back can the requirements for the objective be traced? If the fighter holds an objective end of round 1 and 2 (but not round 3), and the card(s) are drawn on round 3 is the objective still scored in the third end phase?

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